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Ahhhhh... it's scary meeting new people!!!

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Getting over the first hurdle in meeting and creating a village around you can be super tough.

1. What will people think?!

We worry about "what will people think of me if I'm the first to reach out!" Then we might even find ourselves judging ourselves for not already having all this sorted, which makes us feel even worse. Meaning we feel even less like we want to reach out.

In truth, each person is a little afraid to reach out, take the chance and say hi. Our tribal brain means that when we don't know someone, we automatically assume they are a threat to limited resources and that they might not like us.

It can seem unusual to reach out and extend a "Hi" to people you may not know. But this simple process helps other people overcome their blocks to connecting too.

2. Fear of rejection

We fear we may be rejected. "What if I put myself out there and no-one wants to exchange with me?"

Even the thought of this can hurt deeply, triggering old wounds from childhood where you may have been rejected. The protector part of you naturally wants to avoid getting hurt again so may make the subconscious decision to avoid putting yourself in situations like this again. Rejection hurts deeply. It is completely normal to want to avoid potentially getting hurt.

However, we miss 100% of the opportunities we don't take. And we don't want to let past experiences prevent us from embracing present opportunities. We can kindly ask the protector within us to allow the other part that can see the potential benefit of a Care Shared connection explore it.

3. Not enough time

It's true the initial part of creating a connection takes a little bit of time, but honestly not that much. You are with your children most of the time when you aren't at work or doing other things. You can arrange to meet at the playground, kids swim class, lunch, morning coffee, workout, dinner etc., Even meeting without the kids if that's easier too.

One of the hardest things can be arranging this around naps, so being open about the maybe 30mins-1 hour opening you might have. Even in some instances doing a doodle poll can help you fast-track the opportunity to meet. For some families they even have done an initial connection over zoom!

How we like to encourage parents to approach Care Shared

1. "There are no strangers here, just friends you haven't met yet!" A stranger is just someone you have yet to meet and get to know. Once you connect, you begin to quickly realise how similar you are. The sense of shared understanding of the challenges and joys of parenting brings with it greater understanding of our vulnerable humanity. It is this shared understanding the world, our children and our inner child need.

2. Be brave like your little ones.

It takes some courage to reach out and connect with others. Reflect on a time in your life when you were brave and reached out, how did it go? Yes there may have been times it didn't go great, but with more practice you made some friends, dated and eventually created a family.

Just like when your babies start walking, when they fell down the first time, did they give up? Nope, they tried again! Let's bring that courage and bravery to Care Shared.

Tell yourself "Yes, I can do this, I'd want my k

ids to reach out and make friends, so I'm going to be that example for them and myself!"

3. Take the Leap

So here's to taking the leap and introducing yourself to soon to be Care Sharing Buddies. Take the opportunity to join and connect with families around you. Arrange a cuppa to get to know each other and see if there is a connection that can be build upon to support each other.


The system isn't coming to save you. You are the answer you are looking for and you are the answer someone else is looking for too.

Together we can create an inspiring village of families supporting families. So, with that said, something attracted you to this concept, something sparked your interest.

From our experience, this approach to practical support has sooo much more to offer you than you can even begin to imagine.

If you can remember to a time before your children. It's a little bit like how no one could fully explain the joy (and challenge) of having children AND how could they. It is indescribable the joy, the love, and how the experience has widened your entire perspective on life. In some ways, Care Sharing is similar, you don't really know the full benefit until you see how you and your kids interact AND you experience the sacred space it offers you to simple be you.

So join the family revolution and make a friend for life today!

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